Richards Speaks About Troubled Sheen!

By on 27 October, 2010

Troubled star Charlie Sheen‘s ex-wife Denise Richards has spoken out about the actor’s tumultuous night in New York which saw the star hospitalised after the police were called to his hotel suite – confirming she was by his side while he was treated by doctors.

Police were called to investigate an alleged disturbance in Sheen‘s room at the plush Plaza Hotel in the early hours of yesterday morning. They reportedly found the actor nude and his suite completely trashed, with tables and chairs strewn around the room and a chandelier damaged. Pictures of the alleged damage have since surfaced on

Sheen was taken by ambulance to a nearby medical facility and his rep confirmed he had suffered an “adverse allergic reaction” to medication. He was kept in hospital for most of yesterday, but was discharged later in the day.

His spokesman confirmed the actor plans to return to his home in Los Angeles, telling

“Charlie Sheen has been discharged from a hospital in N.Y. and is returning to L.A. today. Everything else is speculation.”

Sheen‘s ex-wife, Richards, who apparently accompanied her former spouse to the hospital, has now spoken out about the incident. In an interview on The Joy Behar Show yesterday, Richards confirmed she was by her ex-husband’s side when he was taken to a medical facility, but refused to confirm the details of the incident.

She said:

“I did help him at the hospital… As far as what happened and what went on, I’d rather leave that for Charlie to discuss if that’s something he wants to do because that’s something very personal and private.

“The thing is that my daughters are five and six and they’re at an age where they can start to understand. They have no idea what went on… I’m just trying to protect the girls from it as much as possible.”

Richards also wrote about the incident in a series of posts on her Twitter page, revealing it has marred her promotional trip to the Big Apple to promote her new TV series ‘Blue Mountain State‘.

She writes:

“Press went good for Blue Mountain State… Very difficult but I’m proud of the show and wanted to promote it… Thank u so much for your supportive and kind messages! It means so much to me…”

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