Miller Feels “Picked Apart” By Speculation On Her Love Life!

By on 2 March, 2011

Sienna Miller has been feeling “picked apart” by speculation surrounding her recent split from on-off lover Jude Law, insisting it’s “not a nice feeling” hearing gossip about her personal life.

The stars announced last month (February 2011) that they had parted ways, less than a year after going public with their rekindled relationship in May 2010. They previously called off their engagement in 2006 after Law‘s alleged affair with his children’s nanny was exposed in the tabloids.

Miller insists the latest split was “amicable and mutual” – and she hates hearing rumours to the contrary.

Speaking to Britain’s Time Out magazine, she says:

“I do feel very picked apart by it.

“When two people have separated and have both stated that it’s amicable and mutual yet, regardless of that… it’s not a nice feeling to have people talk about you behind your back and for it not to be true and for you not to be able to retaliate. But it’s in newspapers I don’t read. And frankly, c’est la vie.”

And the actress has laughed off rumours linking her to British actor Joe Armstrong, stating:

“I’m single! Poor Joe is like, ‘What’s going on?’ We all find it ridiculous and laughable.”

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