Dame Judi Yearns For More Career Privacy.

By on 9 November, 2010

Oscar-winner Dame Judi Dench hates fielding questions about her career choices, insisting it’s “none of the public’s business” why she picks her film roles.

The ‘Shakespeare In Love‘ star can’t understand why fans and critics take an interest in her decisions and admits she would prefer to keep her reasons for joining a movie or play private.

In her new book And Furthermore, Dench writes:

“On a film you have to sit and answer questions about what you think of the part, why you wanted to play the part and I think that’s none of the ­public’s business. Why should you know the ins and outs of everything? The joy of the theatre is not really going and knowing that somebody had terrible difficulty playing this part, or why they did it. It’s to go and be told a story, the author’s story, through the best means possible.

“In any case I never know why I’ve done something; it’s for lots of reasons. I want to keep a quiet portion inside that is my own business and not anybody else’s. You don’t say to a dress designer like Betty Jackson, ‘Why have you made a dress like that? Why did you cut the dress like that?’ Why should the public know everything?”

Does she have a point?

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