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So here we have a movie that all ‘petrol’ and ‘piston heads’ will want to see. Don’t be fooled by it though – it’s a film for everyone. There is glitz, glamour, cars, motor racing. Chris Hemsworth naked, girls, booze and no Bernie Ecclestone in sight!

RUSH‘ is a fast paced movie from Oscar-winning director Ron Howard. The focus is the Formula 1 World Championships of 1976 and the Rivalry of James Hunt (Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl).

The movie starts in 76 and swings back six years to tell the story of when the two drivers met racing in Formula 3. It’s told from both angles – the fun-loving and partying of James, to the serious all work and no play of Niki.

Niki was Austrian and everything had to have some kind of efficiency and logic. He wanted to have the fastest car in the race, and he found it difficult to relax and have fun or wind down. He was always looking to the next race after winning or losing the previous one.

Bruhl‘s portrayal of Lauda was amazing – he called everyone around him arseholes but he played him well, and made you want to call him an arsehole. Throughout the whole movie you had a love/hate relationship with him.

Hemsworth could have been James Hunt – he really played him like an international playboy. He takes a gut-feeling, driven, head-down, foot to the floor approach both in and out of the car.

Howard‘s direction was amazing! The movie was fast-paced but it never felt rushed. He captured every twist turn, back biting comment with ease. I honestly felt I was there during the movie. I laughed, cried, hid behind my fingers, pushed my head to the side and closed my eyes during some of the crashes, and especially the removing of the bandages after the fire. This high-octane movie will have you re-live moments from the 1976 Grand Prix season.

Both Hunt and Lauda have flaws and you will be torn between which of them you like, with either one being the antagonist fuelling the other.

RUSH - FILM REVIEW! TOMORROW'S NEWS - The Latest Entertainment News Today!

Definitely gets a 5 out of 5 from me!

It’s quick, fuelled with adrenalin and has you routing in both camps – two of the greatest drivers ever. Most will know that Hunt died in his 40s mainly due to his playboy lifestyle, whilst Lauda is still around and will be helping Lewis Hamilton next season.

You will feel conflict throughout this movie as you empathise with both Hunt and Lauda. Who really will be first among equals?

RUSH‘ is out in UK cinemas on 13th September, and definitely one to go and see!


Reviewed by Mark ‘LEGOBear’ MacKenzie


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