Weller Reveals Reality TV Gripe.

By on 25 June, 2010

Paul Weller believes that the music industry will fall into disrepair over the next few years because of the spiralling number of youngsters who see reality TV show competitions as the easiest way to the top of the charts. And in all fairness he might be right…

The rock legend is convinced aspiring artists now look towards TV talent contests and their winners for inspiration, instead of holding up hard-working bands of the past as their heroes.
And the former The Jam frontman fears there will be serious repercussions for the music industry in the years to come.

In an interview with Classic Rock magazine, he says:

“The people who influenced me as I was growing up were all f**king good at what they did. Now, you get your boat-race (face) on telly and you’re famous. What sort of message is that? That it’s easily attainable? If it’s the flick of a switch, you ain’t learning f**k all mate. You don’t see the journey. There is no journey.”

But Weller is adamant the “kids” of today are not to blame – insisting the fault lies with the older generation who created the reality TV show competitions which have been swamping the charts.

He adds:

“I don’t blame kids for going on The X Factor. It’s a symptom of our times, which is created by my age group and media – not kids…”

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