‘BEST MAN HOLIDAY’- A Sneaky Hit Of The Season!

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“Times Change. Friendship Doesn’t”

Malcom D. Lee writes and directs ‘THE BEST MAN HOLIDAY‘ to utter perfection. As he reprises the cast of 1999’s ‘THE BEST MAN‘, he presents a solid, soulful film about friendship, love and life’s obstacles.

Since I had not seen the first film, there were a few times in this sequel’s journey that I was a bit confused. This is because there’s a rich history in the characters’ intertwined past. The opening credits give a nice photo montage which attempts quickly to bring viewers who aren’t privy to the previous storyline up to speed.


Best Man Holiday - Film Reviews, Film News. TOMORROW'S NEWS - The Latest Entertainment News Today!

This plot starts with the characters showing a bit of resistance to their old friend’s (Monica Calhoun) invitation to join her husband Lance (Morris Chestnut), their four children and her for a week over Christmas. As the characters battle their previous animosities due to previous betrayals, they sadly learn during their visit that there’s a bigger purpose for their summons to be at the house.

THE BEST MAN HOLIDAY‘ features phenomenal acting from an ensemble cast and is full of passion in every form. You will certainly laugh out loud at the witty dialogue, like when Harper’s book agent (John Michael Higgins) in New York City powerfully declares he should utilise his personal connection with a professional athlete to generate a new best-seller for himself.

“Exploit your friend for capital gain! THIS IS AMERICAAAAA!”

In addition, the sharp-witted verbal daggers thrown between two female characters just before they engage in a crazy cat-fight while still in their pajamas makes a truly memorable impression on the viewers’ ears. However, several scenes will also make your throat swell and eyes water.

Trailers for the film depict it as a comedy full of playful banter and scenarios, but beware that the movie takes a surprisingly deep turn near the half way mark.


Best Man Holiday - Film Reviews, Film News. TOMORROW'S NEWS - The Latest Entertainment News Today!

What makes ‘THE BEST MAN HOLIDAY‘ such a wonderful Christmas present is its ability not to be defined as just a romantic comedy, a drama or a Nicholas Sparks tear-jerker. It dives deep in to the ocean of human character, which experiences an array of conditions- joy, jealousy, heartbreak and sorrow.

If you are a fan of suspenseful, explosive plots that dazzle on the screen, this film might not be on your list to see fast. The MTV crowd relying on gimmicks and showmanship might want to skip this show as well. However, if you appreciate natural, evenly paced and richly developed stories, ‘THE BEST MAN HOLIDAY‘ could be your new holiday favourite. It certainly will be mine.


The cast includes:

Monica Calhoun
Morris Chestnut
Taye Diggs
Regina Hall
Terrence Howard
Sanaa Lathan
Nia Long
Harold Perrineau
Melissa de Sousa
Eddie Cibrian
John Michael Higgins

THE BEST MAN HOLIDAY‘ is now out in cinemas all over the U.S., and it will be making its way to the UK on the 29th November, 2013.


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