VANESSA KIRBY Sees Positive Change With #METOO

Vanessa Kirby says there was an "overnight difference" in how she was treated in Hollywood after the #MeToo movement.

Vanessa Kirby Sees Change with METOO

Vanessa Kirby © Pncphotos

Vanessa Kirby has revealed that she saw a huge change in her own Hollywood experience, following the news about Harvey Weinstein‘s crimes and people coming forward to share their own experiences of sexual harassment in the film industry in late 2017.

She said:

“I noticed there was an overnight difference when the #METOO movement was founded, and the Weinstein thing happened.

“There was a difference in how people spoke to me or awareness around it. And with ‘Pieces Of A Woman’, I know it wouldn’t have got made …”This is my first lead and they took a risk on an actress, holding a movie about a woman losing a baby was like unthinkable a few years ago.”

And the 32-year-old Oscar nominee also admitted she struggles with self-doubt.

Speaking on the ‘Make It Reign: The Podcast‘, she said:

“I was a very anxious person, very, very sensitive. I think that’s probably part of why somehow I always wanted to be an actress … because I felt things very deeply … I don’t think I back myself enough and self-doubt is really painful.

“Essentially that voice that’s saying, ‘you’re not good enough,’ or ‘you did that so badly,’ or, inherently a core self-belief of not being enough. We do live in a society where there’s constant comparison pressures …

“I think that it’s a painful place to be. You always have that slight imposter syndrome that you never forget. I remember the first time I worked with Sir John Hurt, he was nervous before a scene and he said to me, ‘I’m just worried I am going to be found out.’ … I think everyone has a sort of slightly imposter syndrome all the time and looking over your shoulder, being like, ‘Am I legit?'”

In reference to her role in ‘Pieces Of A Woman‘, Kirby also called for more open conversations around baby loss, saying:

“There’s just so much silence around it, that they feel like they haven’t really been able to speak about it and when I learned really early on that one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage, I thought, ‘Oh my God, that’s 25 percent…’

“And yet the amount we talk about it is like 0.01 percent. I hope that will change.”


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