Darkness Reunion Only A Rumour! – Hawkins Confirms.

By on 7 July, 2010

Rocker Justin Hawkins has dismissed rumours THE DARKNESS is reforming after four years apart, and insists the band will not reunite.

The former frontman of the group left in 2006 after six years, and went on to form glam rock band Hot Leg.

Recent reports suggested the original The Darkness members had been brought together by the birth of drummer Ed Graham’s new baby – but Hawkins has shot down the rumours.

In a series of furious posts on Twitter.com, he writes:

“Was startled to read that I’ve been spending time with a small child that I didn’t know existed! Congrats Ed, I think…

“Whoever paid this ‘source’ should really ask for their money back, because what they have bought is essentially horse s**t. If there was any truth in the Darkness reunion rumour then it wouldn’t be a rumour.”

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