INXS To Split After 30 Years – Confirmed!

By on 12 November, 2012


Australian rockers INXS are to split after 30 years, according to reports in Australia!


Drummer Jon Farriss reportedly broke the news to fans at a gig in Perth on Sunday (11th  November, 2012), revealing the concert would be their last.

According to, Farriss admitted he was “getting teary” about taking his final bow. The Need You Tonight chart-toppers began their career in Sydney in 1977 and were fronted by Michael Hutchence before his death in 1997. The band has since worked with singers Jimmy Barnes, Terence Trent D’Arby, Jon Stevens, J.D. Fortune, and Ciaran Gribbin as replacements for the late rocker. However none could truly match the style and voice that Hutchence brought to each of their songs.


UPDATE – 13th November, 2012!

A statement by founding members Tim Farriss, Andrew Farriss, Jon Farriss, Kirk Pengilly and Garry Beers said:

“We understand that this must come as a blow to everybody, but all things must eventually come to an end.

“We have been performing as a band for 35 years, it’s time to step away from the touring arena. Our music will of course live on and we will always be a part of that. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the friends and family that have supported us throughout our extensive career. Our lives have been enriched by having you all as a part of the journey.”



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