Leary Threatens Texting Cinema-goer!

By on 12 November, 2010

Actor Denis Leary left a teenage fan gob-smacked during a recent trip to the cinema – after he threatened to hit her with her own phone if she didn’t stop texting.

The ‘Rescue Me‘ actor had taken his son Jack to watch a movie, but he became annoyed when the young girl sitting next to him continued using her mobile phone during the flick.

When he leaned over and whispered a rude threat, the girl looked up to see who was interrupting her messaging – and quickly stopped when she recognised the star.

He tells the Boston Herald:

“So I let two or three (texts) go by. But she kept on texting. So I leaned over to her, and in a low voice – and you can just guess the language – I told her, ‘If you do not stop texting on that phone, I’m gonna take it and hit you over the head with it!’ She looked up, saw it was me, and turned completely white!

“I mean, why do you come to the movies if all you’re going to do is sit there and text your friends? Go outside in the car!”

This age-old compulsion to keep texting in the cinema, when they’re supposed to be watching the movie, baffles me!

If it’s something important, why go to the cinema in the first place? And I agree with Denis, if they need to text…why don’t they go outside for a bit?

Sometimes I get the impression people are constantly dealing with life or death scenarios, because what other explanation can there be where a person can’t stop texting when the lights go down?

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