VANITY FAIR Says “Sorry” For Gay Slur!

By on 15 March, 2011

VANITY FAIR have apologised for a gay slur written about GLEE.

Magazine bosses at Vanity Fair have apologised unreservedly for a gay slur written by one of their columnists in an article about U.S. TV hit ‘GLEE‘!

Gay writer Brett Berk, who writes for the magazine’s website, came under fire for using the homophobic term “f**s” while writing about a recent episode of the musical show, which features several homosexual characters.

Following a series of complaints from readers, editors at the magazine have now said sorry for the comments and insist they do not support Berk‘s use of the derogatory term.

The official statement reads:

“With so many genuine homophobes stirring up trouble these days, the gay community doesn’t need any agita from an ally like, so we are eager to set the record straight about the use of the word “f**s” in Brett Berk’s latest ‘Gay Guide to Glee’ column. Brett, who has repeatedly referred to himself as’s “fun and f**gy editor” (a title the editors have declined to endorse), writes from a humorous and explicitly gay perspective, and his invocation of this complicated word was meant to critique the notion that the gay characters of Glee should feel obliged to ‘play straight’ on stage.

“That said, we recognise that the column caused genuine offence to many readers, and we apologise unreservedly to them.”

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