CISSY HOUSTON Wants Lie Detector Tests Over Whitney Casket Photo!

By on 24 February, 2012

Cissy Houston and Whitney Houston

Anyone would be protective over the burial of their loved one, and Cissy Houston is no different. The mother of the late Whitney Houston is understandably seeing red over The National Inquirer‘s decision to publish a photo of her daughter’s open casket on the front cover of their latest issue!


My Fox Chicago believes she’s going as far to issue a lie detector test on anyone she thinks may have been responsible for the photograph, but they may be on their own with this opinion.

The National Enquirer posted the picture of Houston earlier this week, and the image is causing outrage from other media outlets and fans on Twitter of the deceased star. Yet the magazine’s publisher Mary Beth Wright tells Fox News

“I thought it was beautiful.”


The publication didn’t reveal the source of the photo and have refused details on who might have taken it. It’s thought that they’d have paid close to a six-figure sum to attain the picture.

Cissy is keen to get to the bottom of it however, as you might well expect, and has reportedly asked for anyone who possibly could have taken the photo, including family members, close friends and those from the funeral home staff to take a lie-detector test!


The celeb gossip mag has a grim history of publishing similar pictures, particularly in 1977 when they published a photo of Elvis Presley in his coffin and also they also published a picture of John Lennon after his death in 1980.


As a mark of respect for this fantastic star, I will post no links to the picture.



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