David Yost – Being The Blue Power Ranger, And Being Gay.

By on 26 August, 2010

David Yost Talks About Being Gay and the Discrimination He Received From Producers, Creators, Writers and Directors! TOMORROW'S NEWS - The Latest Entertainment News Today!

For anyone who watched the Power Rangers as a teenager (yes…I did too), you might remember David Yost as the Blue Ranger? Well…the actor has recently admitted in a candid interview that he was discriminated against because of his sexuality, and this was the main reason he left the show.

The 41 year old says:

“I was called ‘faggot’ one too many times [by the show’s] creators, producers, writers, directors.

“Basically I just felt like I was continually being told I’m not worthy of where I am because I’m quote-unquote a gay person, and I’m not supposed to be an actor and you can’t be a superhero. That’s sort of the vibe that I was getting.

“And I know that my co-stars were called in a couple of times to different producers’ offices and questioned about my sexuality, which is kind of a humiliating experience to find that out.”


I’m sure this has happened before in the entertainment world, but I cannot believe that someone could be treated like that. Worse still that no-one lost their job over it.

Very poor treatment indeed!

To watch the whole interview, check out the videos below:





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