Sheen Reveals TWO AND A HALF MEN Role Is Safe!

By on 14 February, 2011

Charlie Sheen‘s starring role in ‘Two And A Half Men‘ is safe despite his recent personal problems – because there is no morality clause in his contract, according to

The actor checked into rehab last month (January 2011) after he was hospitalised with a hernia following a wild party with five women, including porn star Kacey Jordan.

But his antics will apparently not affect his working life – as producers of the hit show failed to include a clause in his contract ordering him not to misbehave. Very sneaky! reports Sheen has told pals:

“That’s my personal life. My contract protects me. They can’t fire me.”

To listen to the radio interview where he alleges that he’s back and ready to work, click here.

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