BAGGAGE CLAIM – 30 days 30,000 miles. Will She Find True Love?

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BAGGAGE CLAIM‘ revolves around Montana Moore (Paula Patton) – an air steward who wants to find love. Her baby sister has announced she is getting married and her mother is on husband number five. Montana would love nothing more and is so determined to get engaged before her youngest sister’s wedding.

She would love to turn up at her sisters rehearsal dinner with a man on her arm. She has thirty days and with the help of her friends and colleagues at the airline can she find love at 30,000 feet in 30 days whilst clocking up 30,000 miles? Her friend Sam (Adam Brody) comes up with a cunning plan to find out when all her exes are travelling around the country as it is the holidays and most people travel at that time. They will then get Montana on the flight so she can see if she can rekindle that lost love. Gail (Jill Scott) thinks it’s a terrible plan but goes along with it.

Will Montana find the one she loves? Will she just end up with extra baggage in the carousel of life?

Paula Patton is brilliant in this movie that has more laughs than just what you see in the trailers. She reminds me of a young Jennifer Lopez. Catherine, her mother is play splendidly by Jenifer Lewis and she is big on marriage and let’s Montana and her sister know it at every turn.

BAGGAGE CLAIM - Movie Review! TOMORROW'S NEWS - The Latest Entertainment News Today!
I’d rate this movie 4 stars out of 5.
Like any baggage claim area – how long is the carousel? There are plenty of gags in this film to keep you laughing, and a few other touches that are sticky and sweet. It’s quite predictable in places as well so it loses a point for that, oh and for the fact that Taye Diggs character Langston was horrible.

It’s a fun 96 minutes in the cinema so if you’re a rom-com fan then you won’t be disappointed with this movie.

Sit back relax, put your tray backs up and enjoy this flight 4 out of 5 as ‘BAGGAGE CLAIM‘ is sure to be in the TOP 10 box-office releases.

Reviewed by Mark LEGOBear MacKenzie



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    Sarah 10 years

    We obviously didn’t see the same movie. This movie was extremely unfunny and her desperation was pathetic. And to end up settling in the end made her entire journey quite worthless. Her low self esteem was still palpable as she ran off with another man she didn’t love but at least he loved her enough to want to marry her. Forget about loving him back. That wasn’t her goal. SMH