BIG SCHOOL – The BBC’s Poor Example Of Comedy!

By on 22 August, 2013

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From comedic writer, David Walliams comes the BBC’s newest sitcom ‘Big School‘.

Set in Greybridge High School, the show follows Mr Church, played by Walliams, a chemistry teacher in the school who is planning to resign from his unsuccessful role until the arrival of new French teacher Miss Postern, played by Catherine Tate, changes his mind. ‘Big School‘ follows the awkward and insulting relationships of the teachers during the day-to-day running of the school.
The concept of using a school for a sitcom is not a new one and I think if it was not for the casting of Catherine Tate and David Walliams, the show would be a total flop!

From previous series that he has created, including the hugely successful ‘Little Britain‘ and ‘Come Fly With Me‘, I have always thought that Walliams is a great entertainer when playing other roles, which is why I was so disappointed when I watched ‘Big School‘. His character that he plays, very closely resembles that of one that he played in ‘Little Britain‘, which makes it feel more like a spin-off than an independent brand new sitcom.

Sadly, I find that ‘Big School‘ relies on big names, sexual innuendoes and dumb comedy throughout to make it entertaining. Fortunately, Tate is a great actress and plays a ditzy French teacher, who has never been to France, incredibly well, which helps this slowly sinking ship stay afloat for a while.

Considering that ‘Come Fly With Me‘, which had a wider variety of entertainment to it did not get commissioned for any further series, not even a 2nd, I can not see that this will stand a chance either. There are only so many jokes that can be repeated before they become boring.

If only the BBC would invest license-fee payers money into something worthwhile that will keep viewers entertained and does not rely on unnecessary derogatory comments about women to give people laughs. It’s as if that is what the BBC turn to whenever they need to get the ratings up.

C’mon Beeb!


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