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ANNE-MARIE DUFF Returning  To SHAMELESS? - TOMORROW'S NEWS - The Latest Entertainment News Today!

Actress Anne-Marie Duff is reportedly going back to her TV roots, by reprising her breakthrough role on the original British series ‘Shameless‘ for the hit show’s final episode!


The series, which focusses on a dysfunctional family living on an impoverished English housing estate, launched Duff and her husband James McAvoy‘s acting careers when it started back in 2004. However after enjoying rave review on the show, the pair left after two seasons.

But now, Duff is apparently set to make a comeback as Fiona Gallagher when the show comes to an end after its eleventh series later this year (2013).


While ‘Shameless‘ fans may be looking forward to this, McAvoy will not be returning as Steve McBride. Now that IS a shame!



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