RED CROSS Japan Appeal – Donations Needed!

By on 15 March, 2011

I’m sure it won’t be breaking news to learn about the dreadful disaster that has hit Japan, but you might not know that the Red Cross are doing all they can to try and help those affected. If you’re interested in helping, the Red Cross are accepting donations!

The earthquake (measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale – the seventh largest recorded in history), struck the coast of Japan on Friday 11 March. As a result, this triggered a tsunami which hit smashed into the east coast of Japan with 7-metre-high waves, leaving a trail of destruction.

So far, over 2,000 people have died in the disaster and some 2,000 are injured. The number of confirmed dead is expected to rise to around 10,000. The earthquake caused fires and severe damage to buildings, leaving 1.2 million homes without electricity and 1.4 million without water.

The Japanese Red Cross has been working on the ground since the disaster began, mobilising 85 teams – including more than 700 doctors, nurses and support staff, to provide first aid and healthcare and assess the damage and needs of the communities affected.

Over 500,000 people have been evacuated and are being housed in temporary centres set up in schools and public buildings, where the Red Cross have been distributing thousands of blankets.

The Japanese Red Cross has agreed to accept donations from the U.K. and the U.S.

To donate from the U.K., click on link below:

British Red Cross – Japan Tsunami Appeal

To donate from the U.S., click on the link below:

American Red Cross

The Red Cross have stated on their websites that if they receive more donations to the Japan Tsunami Appeal than the Japanese Red Cross, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement can reasonably and efficiently spend, any surplus funds will be used to help the charity prepare for and respond to humanitarian disasters in the world.

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