Portman Impressed By Branagh’s THOR Plans.

By on 7 September, 2010

Actress Natalie Portman has thanked Kenneth Branagh for her role in ‘THOR‘, saying she only took on the part because he was in the director’s chair.

The Hollywood star plays female lead Jane Foster in the upcoming Marvel Comics movie alongside Anthony Hopkins and Idris Elba.

But Portman was prepared to turn down an audition for the role – until she realised Branagh would be helming the project.

She tells Total Film magazine:

“It was actually not something I was dying to do. Not Thor in particular, but a big movie. When I heard Ken was doing it, I said, ‘Wow that is a daring and interesting idea.’

“Then I met Ken and he was someone I was extremely interested to get to spend three months with. It was probably the first, or one of the first times that my expectations were actually exceeded.”

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