EMMA THOMPSON To Pen ‘ANNIE’ Screenplay?

By on 24 June, 2011


Will Smith and Jay-Z have apparently asked Emma Thompson to update the screenplay for their new movie based on the classic comedy musical ‘Annie‘ – which will star Willow Smith.


The oscar-winning actress, who wrote the screenplays for ‘Sense and Sensibility‘ and ‘Nanny McPhee‘, is in negotiations with Smith and Jay-Z to update the classic comedy musical about a bright-haired orphan girl who finds a new home.

Thompson (who is currently co-starring with Smith as Agent O in ‘Men in Black III‘) is reportedly the top choice for producers Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith and rap star Jay-Z, who is involved in the music of the movie, to adapt the story to suit Willow. No details have been released as to whether the 52-year-old actress will write a part for herself in the remake.

Glee‘ creator Ryan Murphy has been asked by Sony to consider helming the remake.




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