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Sigourney Weaver apparently served as an advisor to Ridley Scott on his new ‘Alien‘ prequel ‘PROMETHEUS‘, despite not appearing in the movie following a disagreement with FOX!


Weaver played heroine Ellen Ripley in the four previous ‘Alien‘ movies, and even though she’s disappointed fans by not returning to the horror genre, she is thrilled the helmer has returned to the project once again.

She said:

“Fox and I disagreed on how the franchise should continue. But I’m glad it’s Ridley doing it and I’ll be as curious as anyone, or maybe more curious, to see it. I think he took my suggestion.

“Fox wanted to go to earth and I said, ‘That’s so boring. Who wants to see aliens on earth?’ I said ‘Go back to the planet’.”


PROMETHEUS‘ – starring Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender – will reveal how the extra-terrestrial Xenomorph nest which Ripley and her crew discovered on an abandoned spacecraft in the first movie in the franchise came to be there.

Although Weaver‘s ‘Alien‘ alter-ego has been praised as a good example of feminism, the actress believes producers were more worried about making money than telling a great story when they made their hero a woman.

She told The Independent newspaper:

“I don’t think the producers were feminists. In the original script, they were all men. I think they thought, ‘let’s change it up and make the survivor a woman because no one will ever think the survivor will be a woman’.”


I think it was a good idea to keep the xenomorph in space, because what’s the alternative? Another AVP2-esque flick?



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