Etta James Recovering From Blood-Poisoning Scare!

By on 14 May, 2011


Legendary soul singer Etta James was hospitalised with potentially-fatal blood poisoning, and is believed to be recovering slowly!


The 73-year-old singer, a former heroin addict who suffers from dementia, leukaemia, and kidney problems, was admitted to an unknown Californian hospital earlier this week to be treated for Sepsis – a form of blood poisoning caused by a urinary tract infection.


Her son, Sametto James, said:

“It was a really bad infection. Right now she’s doing a lot better.”

The At Last singer was hospitalised for the same condition last year and her son says she will remain in hospital this time “for as long as it takes to clear her infections.”

She was at the centre of a court case this year when her son Donto James and husband Artis Mills were involved in a dispute over the control of her assets for payment of her medical care, following her gastric bypass surgery in 2003.

Though it was not disputed that she needs the assistance, her son’s lawyers questioned the care of a live-in physician and disputed her husband’s control for the payments.


Both parties eventually agreed to resolve the dispute with mediation.


Get well soon, Etta!



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