EMILY MORTIMER’S “Love Letter” To New York.

By on 1 August, 2011


British actress Emily Mortimer has written a “love letter” to her adopted New York City – even though she has said there are times when she feels “harassed, sick and oppressed” in the Big Apple!


The London-born star, who recently awarded a dual American and British nationality, lives in Brooklyn but admits the chaos in Manhattan often drives her crazy.

In a column for U.K. magazine Tatler, she writes:

“The infrastructure is lame. Dreadful roads full of potholes that never get filled in, and lawless taxi drivers who are never stopped by the cops and are constantly furious because they have been driving other furious people about.

“I get hurled about in the back, never altogether sure that this isn’t my last minute on Earth.”

But Mortimer insists her opinion of New York is always revived when she catches a glimpse of the city’s iconic skyline, adding:

“Feeling harassed, sick, oppressed and like I might not have the strength to survive much more of this, I approach the Brooklyn Bridge to get to Manhattan and whatever pointless or scary, or pointless AND scary, meeting I might have there… and BOOM. There it is. The island rising out of the water.

“Just surviving New York is somehow magically the same as thriving in New York.”


I can almost relate to what she’s saying – with the only difference being that I live in London and not New York. Although…one can dream!




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