Monty Python’s Palin Keen To Make Acting Comeback.

By on 25 November, 2010

MONTY PYTHON star Michael Palin is keen to reprise his acting career – but only “if the right thing comes along”.

The actor last appeared on the big screen in 1997’s critically-panned ‘Fierce Creatures‘, the sequel to ‘A Fish Called Wanda‘, and he has since gone on to present a number of travel documentaries.

But Palin is now hoping to land another film role, although he’s adamant he wouldn’t be able to dedicate too much time to a movie project because of his adventure series. A contradiction?

Speaking to The Daily Express, he says:

“I want to act again. But not in a big movie. It would have to be a small one because my travel documentaries are quite intense and take up time.

“But I do love acting still so if the right thing comes along I would do it.”

So I’m guessing he’s not really THAT desperate to get back into acting then?

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