Piers Morgan To Interview Larry King Later This Week!

By on 21 February, 2011



Piers Morgan will be interviewing a very special guest on his CNN talkshow later this week. Yes folks, it’s the one and only Larry King, and he will feature as part of the show’s Hollywood Week theme.

King hosted ‘Larry King Live‘ for over 25 years, before calling it a day last year. Morgan took over from the famous newsman with his ‘Piers Morgan Tonight‘ show and the British export has since been experiencing a decrease in viewer ratings, which King has spoken about in an interview last week on London’s BBC Radio 4.

Speaking about the chance to interview his predecessor, Morgan says:

“I can’t think of many people I’d rather interview than Larry King, and I’m sure people will be fascinated by the dynamic between us, for obvious reasons.”

But he will no-doubt be addressing one particular issue – and that is King‘s recent radio interview.

He mentions on his Twitter page:

“Got a feeling we may need to discuss Larry’s claim that I’m ‘oversold’ and ‘not dangerous.'”

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