Could SyFy Be The Beacon Of Hope For THE EVENT?

By on 3 June, 2011


I lost interest in ‘The Event‘ around the third or fourth episode, after desperately wanting to see if it was indeed going to be the new ‘LOST‘ – as it was originally hyped up to be. But I can appreciate why people enjoyed it, and despite its recent cancellation, it seems that it might be making its way back to our TV screens!


Deadline reports that SyFy may be able to revive the axed series, as they state:

“…there are talks with Syfy to pick up The Event as a miniseries. Helping things is the fact that Syfy and The Event producer, Universal Media Studios, are NBC Universal corporate siblings. But migrating a broadcast show to cable is never easy, and I hear discussions are underway to see if it would be financially feasible for The Event to continue on Syfy.”


If successful, it could potentially launch another season of the alien drama. But it goes without saying that it’s early days yet, and there have been no official confirmations from any of the parties involved.




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