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By on 24 November, 2013

The Judges on Week 7 of X FACTOR Live Shows - 10th Anniversary - TV Review

My fears about Tamera were unfounded last week, and indeed poor little Sam Callahan went. So now we’re left with six really strong acts, and the competition for 2nd and 3rd place is anyone’s (see the last review on this page).

X-Factor is ten years old and to kick off the celebrations, we got a performance from success story Olly Murs. Olly does seem to be morphing into his mate Robbie Williams, but like his chum, he is like-able and funny. But from a personal level I was gutted he didn’t sing Heart Skips a Beat, as it’s one of my favourite songs from the past five years.

The acts were singing songs by successful X-Factor winners, so naturally there was no Steve Brookstein, Leon Jackson or Matt Cardle. They are three winners I’m sure they would like to forget ever existed (although that would then make the show 7 years old).


Nicholas McDonald on Week 7 of X FACTOR Live Shows - 10th Anniversary. TV Review

Nicholas McDonald kicked the party off by singing The Climb by Joe McElderry. Joe mentored Nicholas and told him that he reminded him of himself. Let’s hope Nicholas’s career is more successful! I’d have preferred Nicholas to do a cheeky chappy Olly Murs song, just to show a different side to his character, but he gave a very nice, clean performance. A bit dull, but it’s his birthday so I’m going to be nice.

Hannah Barrett sang Alexandra Burke’s version of Hallelujah. Alexandra gave her some words of advice. Well, it was supposed to be Alexandra Burke – she looked completely different. Hannah sang it well, but I always think of it as a man’s song, but maybe that’s because Jeff Buckley was the first person I heard sing it. Hannah sounded remarkably ‘South London’ in some of her phrasing in the quieter bits. But when she let rip it was up to Hannah’s usual standard. Hannah may just about scrape into the semi-finals.


Luke Friend on Week 7 of X FACTOR Live Shows - 10th Anniversary. TV Review

Luke Friend was mentored by Shayne Ward, but for some reason didn’t sing his song…er…whatever it was called, and instead sung What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction (brave). Luke made it less poppy and more edgy and played his guitar, and it really worked. But I’m a bit scared he’s going to face the wrath of the 1D fans for changing their idols’ song. I enjoyed it though. I just think Luke should avoid Twitter for the next twenty four hours.
Highlight of my night was when it cut to Caroline Flack backstage and she was joined by lots of old faces – Rylan, Shayne Ward, Chico and best of all – the Chicken Plucking man who sang Barbie Girl. A high point in the history of British TV.

Rough Copy sang Don’t Let Go, which confusingly was a song Little Mix performed on the show, but isn’t actually a song Little Mix released. It was in fact by En Vogue. That aside, for the first time, I heard how good their voices are, and they weren’t jumping all over the place. The styling was more urban and they looked so much better. I think they will safely sail through to the finals.

Tamera Foster sung Impossible by James Arthur. After forgetting the words last week, she needed to pull it back, but alas, she forgot the words again. Fortunately for her, this is a weird stop-start song, so her mistake wasn’t so obvious. She still wears a look of defeat, despite her posturing; and if she becomes the pop star Simon Cowell wants her to become, I suggest she has some therapy to control her nerves because that is what is making her forget her lines (I know about these things, I was in a group called Rug for six months in 1994 and it often happened to me, and now look at me, I write blogs about reality shows!!)

Sam Bailey on Week 7 of X FACTOR Live Shows - 10th Anniversary - TV Review.
Sam Bailey was mentored by Leona Lewis and sang Bleeding Love. Leona was wearing strange glasses. Sam Bailey is going to win the X-Factor.

I think the song choices last night were a bit lame, and they could have pushed the envelope a bit more, given that X-Factor has produced over 30 hits in its 10 years. It was enjoyable though, and I think, with only a few weeks left, it’s going to end before it becomes boring.

Predicted to leave: Tamera Foster


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  2. Mark

    24 November, 2013 at 5:58 pm

    I didn’t watch last nights show and in a way glad i didn’t it’s become very boring in the last few weeks the head of music needs to go. We get big band week with the same songs as before – we have had U2s all I want is you sung by checkout Mary Byrne before. They need to look at better fresh ideal the songs really are boring – mash up week in glee would be something to consider.
    I had heard this was the last season then heard
    It’s got two more – I think it’s become far too stale to continue. They should make them pick songs for 12 weeks at the start. Also the sing off songs need to change from save me I have no life and need this to something that would challenge them and not sad soppy songs.

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