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This year sees the important anniversaries of two important tough-guy movies! Bruce Willis‘ flexing his muscles through a ripped vest in ‘Die Hard‘ (25th Anniversary) and martial arts extraordinaire Bruce Lee in ‘Enter The Dragon (40th Anniversary). So to commemorate their milestone birthdays, Vue Cinemas have pitted the two action masters against each other to see which of the two is the best!

Die Hard‘ (1988) was directed by John McTiernan and placed reluctant hero John McClane against a building full of terrorists. Since then, a total of four sequels have been made, despite the fact that all what a middle-aged McClane wants to do is have a simple life.

Enter the Dragon‘ (1973) was tragically Lee’s final movie appearance before his death. Lee revised a fair chunk of the script himself and directed the opening fight scene. It is now seen as the quintessential martial arts action film, and it truly cements chinese culture in Hollywood.

Now that we have written about the two Bruces, it’s time to see how they fare when compared against each other. It’s not all about their fight or fist power, but more so the body count in the action films, catchphrases, awards and even their fashion sense.

Scroll down through the infograph to see who has won!


Infographic was created by Vue Cinemas


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