OUR NIGHT OUT – A Look Back At BUSTER SHUFFLE’s First Album!

Our Night Out-Buster Shuffle


In the year when London will host the most spectacular show on earth, the lights in East London will be shining brightly.


Buster Shuffle are a four piece SKA band from the east end of London, and they are everything one could want from such a set up. As I listened to the new album I could not help but smile and think to myself, they do exactly what it says on the tin, and I might add, they do it very well.

They have been described as the Libertines doing Chas and Dave, which I feel is unfair and misses the point of what Buster Shuffle‘s album is about. The album is fun and energetic, with stand-out tracks that include America and I’m Into You. The boys are talented musicians and the album is produced well. I must admit I do not follow the SKA scene and their music was and is highly refreshing to me, and I think you will like it too (if you like what is says on the tin).

One gets the feeling of a Friday night knees up down the local boozer, and to be honest with you, what more can you want from a SKA band coming from the east end? These boys are not, and cannot be, Madness, and it would be naïve for them to think they are or for someone to compare them like for like. The scene and setting of the music industry has changed since Baggy Trousers, whether the change has been for the better or not, is not a debate for this article.


What Buster Shuffle are doing is as refreshing as pint of ice-cold cider being enjoyed on a hot summer’s day, and this album gives them the opportunity to make the step up from the band that only the cool kids know, into a band that gets played on iPods alongside the Jaime T‘s and Maverick Sabres of the world.

So the illusive tin…

Buster Shuffle: high energy, refreshingly unpretentious east end fun. If you like what it says then check out the album, Our Night Out! But don’t forget that their brand spanking new album, Do Nothing, is due on the 4th of June, 2012!


Available on CD or Download, via your favourite record store.


You can also see Buster Shuffle at the various venues this year. Click here to see the full list.


Article by: James Greenwood.



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    Shaun Davy 11 years

    This was one of the best purchases I made on Amazon! Great tunes.