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Following an exciting singing showdown at the EXPLOSIVE UNSIGNED music contest, indie band THE BUDDA CAKES have posted on their social network page about the wonderful opportunities which await them!


In a post on their official Facebook page, lead singer Gon von Zola said:

“I got informed that I am the winner of the Explosive Unsigned Competition 2013. Getting a month of radio airplay, a photoshoot, a gig at a national station and some career guidance.
Smoooooooooooth! <(“)”


In a change to the usual EXPLOSIVE UNSIGNED format, singers and musicians from all over the country were invited to battle it out for the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get the music industry exposure they’re all hoping for.

Speaking just before the competition took place, creator/founder of EXPLOSIVE UNSIGNED, Richard Andersone, said:

“The unsigned opportunity we offer is designed to help kick-start the career of an unsigned artist with the aim of helping them ‘get there and stay there’.”


I’m sure there are many great things just around the corner for this unique band, and TOMORROW’S NEWS wishes them all the very best in their musical journey over the next several months.



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