BAD MOMS – “It’s OK Not To Be Perfect!”

BAD MOMS – it’s ok not to be perfect 

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The latest advance screening from Cineworld has been ‘Bad Moms‘. It’s hits the UK screens this week.

Amy (Mila Klunis) runs her kids to school, takes the dogs to the vets, attends endless long boring two-hour long PTA meetings held by Gwendolyn (Christina Applegate) and holds down a part-time job in a coffee company run by twenty somethings who want to play pinball every day.

When she learns her husband has had an affair with a women who runs her own farm over 2,000 miles away she decides enough is enough.

Amy has a really bad day where nothing else could go wrong or could it – yeah she has to ensure a two-hour emergency PTA meeting about the upcoming bake sale. She snaps and leaves and decides to go get herself a well-needed drink!

She meets Carla (Kathryn Hahn) in the bar and chats with her and in pops Kiki (Kristen Bell) to congratulate her for her outburst back at the school. They drink shots and have themselves a fun evening.

This movie is great on so many levels, as it makes you look at when you were a kid and how your mum just wanted to protect you, nurture and support you, as that is what they felt their role was. How as kids we take our parents for greatness and blame them for everything that went wrong in our lives.

The next level is how your mum needed me time – time when she felt appreciated for everything she did or in some cases still does to protect you.

The third-level for men to see exactly what their wives or girlfriends do for them and the kids and the sacrifices they make. Especially if the guy is as selfish as Amy‘s husband. When Amy is asked out by Jessie Harkness (Jay Hernandez), the hottest single dad who walks his daughter to school, she notices things are different as he pays attention to her and her needs.

The fourth is how you just want what is best for your family. There is probably more but right now I’m still getting over a sore stomach from the laughter. There are a lot of funny bits in this and it’s not just what you have seen in the trailers.

Most will connect with this film on so many levels and men who are dragged by their partners, wives and girlfriends will say it’s just another chick-flick. It’s not! There are some serious undertones that come through. I mean boys the car she drives I think it was a dodge and the fast and furious references are there to keep you entertained and Mila is very easy on the eye.

Everyone gives a stellar performance and it has to get 5 stars out of 5.

This is a nice film and a great comedy that will play with your emotions and heart-strings, and sits nicely with the action packed blockbusters around at the moment.


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